Bud Huyser photoSince 1954 Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company has flourished. We have become a name recognized above all others by builders and contractors throughout Southeastern Michigan. Founder, Bud Huyser, instilled in his family and employees high standards of service while keeping up with the changes and demands of both the residential and commercial building markets.

Today, Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company has delivery trucks available at each of its four locations throughout Southeastern Michigan. With over 100 different steel beam sizes in stock and a multitude of building supplies, it’s no wonder we pride ourselves on quick, personal, knowledgable service with competitive pricing.

Anytime you call, we promise there will be a friendly person there to greet you.

Family Owned and Operated

A second-generation company that started small, on Glendale in Detroit, Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company now has a long history embedded in the steel business. Evolving over the years to serve Southeastern Michigan with stores in multiple locations, Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company has proved resiliant. As the economy in Michigan has shifted, from all-time lows to glorious revivals, Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company has been able to meet the changing demands of commercial and residential building markets alike.

Founded in 1954 by the son and two son-in-laws of Clarence Smedes, the company’s name is a nod to their father, who believed in them. For over 60 years the company has remained in the family. Today, Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company is owned and operated by the children of one of the original founders, Bud Huyser.


A strict adherence to quality service and an ability to consistently meet the changes and demands of the residential and commercial building market was important to Bud Huyser. It is this philosophy that has enabled success and growth at Smede-Son.

Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company offers quality of choice, as well as quality products. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the finest to builders in Southeastern Michigan and when you choose us, you’re always guaranteed quick, personal, and knowledgeable service with competitive pricing.

Smede-Son Steel & Building Supply Company stocks many different sizes of steel beams and a multitude of building supplies to meet the needs of every customer. In addition to our vast inventory of steel products, we maintain a fleet of trucks so we can deliver materials right to the job site in a timely manner.

Customer Relationships

Our ability to not only succeed, but grow within the steel business can be attributed to the positive customer relationships we’ve built over the last 60 years. Every step of the way, our mission is to be completely dedicated to the needs of our customers and the success of their building projects.

This is why we carry different lines of materials that cater to our diverse clientele. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional product, along with offering personable and knowledgable service.

Our Mission Statement

As a business we have an obligation….

To our customer….

Our team of employees is dedicated to customer service. We strive to deliver our product on time, accurately and competitively while treating the customer fairly and with respect.

To our community….

To provide jobs, to be a good neighbor and to contribute to the welfare and benefit of our area.

To our employees….

To encourage them to work in a way that will best use their talents and expertise to enhance their performance and thus to enhance our performance.

To our company….

To make a reasonable profit, because without that, we can do none of the above.